A Dog’s Purpose


Before I get started into the post I just wanted to say a big sorry that I haven’t been posting for ages. I’ll will try to start posting more regularly and try fit it into my busy schedule.

 Title – A Dog’s Purpose

Author – W.Bruce Cameron

Genre/Type – Adventure/Sad

Age Rating – 8-9 upwards

Book rating – 700/5

About – 

A Dog’s Purpose tells the story of a dog that gets reborn countless times. In each life the dog tries to find it’s purpose before it moves onto the next one. A Dog’s Purpose is a humorous and emotional story that shows that love never dies.

Likes – 

This book was very funny and resonated deeply with me. It was very well written.

Dislikes – 

I didn’t have any dislikes. This book was too perfect.

Bookaholic – Still reading 🙂


Book Bash

Hey guys,

I promise I’ll write this week. I’ve been SO busy. STUPID TESTS 😦

Today I wanted to introduce a new aspect of my blog. I’ve decided that every Thursday, I’ll post the name of a book. Then down in the comments, we can all talk and praise (or kill 😉 ) This book.

I hope you enjoy.

Bookaholic – Still reading 🙂