The Invisible Library Series

Title – The Invisible Library

Author – Genevieve Cogman

Genre/Type – Fantasy/Sci-fi

About –

The Invisible Library tells the story of a spy (Irene) who gathers fiction from different realms and universes. Along with her new assistant Kai she is sent to another London to retrieve a mysterious book. However, when they arrive they find that the book has been stolen. Irene and Kai must travel on a dangerous mission to find the book that they are trying to seek.

Likes –

This book was really well written if you are one for a sci-fi series. It had many plot twists and great character development throughout the book.

Dislikes –

If you don’t like sci-fi or loads of plot twists then this isn’t the book for you.

Rating –


Bookaholic 🙂



The Sunshine Blogger Award



I was lucky to be nominated by Stephanie from MakingTimeForMe for this wonderful award.


Here is her blog url:

Here are the questions I need to answer:

What was the drive behind you to take up blogging?

Well I’d always been interested in blogging though it wasn’t until I had my own computer that I really thought of it as a possibility. I really wanted to share my love of books to other book readers and well what better way to do it than create a blog.

What do you define as a perfect day?

My perfect day would be no school, hanging out with friends and family, going to the beach and of course writing this blog!!!

Who is the most inspirational person you have met until now?

I don’t have one person, I have many. My dad because he always makes me laugh and my mum for always providing me with great advice. Also, all my school friends who have made me the best I can be and provided me with advice, hospitality and kindness.

How do you define blogging?

My definition of blogging is writing/typing to share what you love with the entire world.





Here are the questions I want you to answer.

  1. What book would you choose out of all the ones you own right now?
  2. How do you feel when you’ve just published a blog post?
  3. Why did you start blogging?

Bookaholic – Still reading 🙂





I just wanted to ask you guys which book you thought I should read and review next. Also, please comment if you want me to read or review a certain book. I would LOVE to.


Bookaholic – Still reading 🙂


Hi Guys :)


My name is Camilla but you can call me Bookaholic (for the purpose of this blog :)). I am 13 and in year 8. I live in Australia and I love to talk, dance, swim, run and READ!!!! (well obviously:))

Many of you guys would know me from I have decided to start a blog that reviews all of the books I am reading at the moment.

Hope you enjoy,

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