The Call

Title – The Call

Author – Peadar Ó Guilín

Genre/Type – Fantasy/Sci-fi/Dystopia

About –

The Call tells the story of an earth in another time where at any moment a child may disappear into another world filled with danger to never return again.

Likes –

I really liked this book. It kept me guessing what was going to come next.

Dislikes –

Some of the calls seemed to drag on for a bit.

Rating –

Overall, The Call was a great book and I give it a 9/10.

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The Invisible Library Series

Title – The Invisible Library

Author – Genevieve Cogman

Genre/Type – Fantasy/Sci-fi

About –

The Invisible Library tells the story of a spy (Irene) who gathers fiction from different realms and universes. Along with her new assistant Kai she is sent to another London to retrieve a mysterious book. However, when they arrive they find that the book has been stolen. Irene and Kai must travel on a dangerous mission to find the book that they are trying to seek.

Likes –

This book was really well written if you are one for a sci-fi series. It had many plot twists and great character development throughout the book.

Dislikes –

If you don’t like sci-fi or loads of plot twists then this isn’t the book for you.

Rating –


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A Dog’s Purpose


Before I get started into the post I just wanted to say a big sorry that I haven’t been posting for ages. I’ll will try to start posting more regularly and try fit it into my busy schedule.

 Title – A Dog’s Purpose

Author – W.Bruce Cameron

Genre/Type – Adventure/Sad

Age Rating – 8-9 upwards

Book rating – 700/5

About – 

A Dog’s Purpose tells the story of a dog that gets reborn countless times. In each life the dog tries to find it’s purpose before it moves onto the next one. A Dog’s Purpose is a humorous and emotional story that shows that love never dies.

Likes – 

This book was very funny and resonated deeply with me. It was very well written.

Dislikes – 

I didn’t have any dislikes. This book was too perfect.

Bookaholic – Still reading 🙂


Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 4.00.00 pm.png

Title: Nerve

Author: Jeanne Ryan

Genre/Type: Adventure, love

Age Rating: 12+

Book Rating: 3/5


Nerve tells the story of a girl named Vee who chooses to be a player in a dangerous game of dares and money. The game takes a twisted turn when her and five other players are directed to a secret location for loads of prizes.  Suddenly they’re playing for everything or nothing, with their lives on the line.


It was very interesting and that was partly  why I enjoyed it. Also, I loved the intensity of the middle section of the book. It was extremely entertaining.


I’m sorry but the movie does sound a lot better. (I haven’t watched it so I can’t say anything). Also, if it was meant to be a single book why wasn’t the ending more closed in. I didn’t really like the ending.

Bookaholic – Still reading🙂

Think Twice


TITLE: Think Twice

AUTHOR: Sarah Mlynowski

GENRE/TYPE: Love/sci-fi




Think Twice is about a group of teenagers that have telepathy, but some have started to lose it. It’s a story of trying to solve this and the friendship and romance along the way.


This story drew me in and held me captive.I loved the twist at the end and the friendship and different points of view from most of the characters.


Some of the parts in the book (like the sex scenes) I found kind of irrelevant.

Bookaholic – Still reading 🙂

How To Keep A Boy As A Pet

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TITLE: How To Keep A Boy As A Pet

AUTHOR: Diane Messidoro





How To Keep A Boy As A Pet tells the story of a girl called Circe who starts a blog to use her journalism skills to blog about her life and ask to her readers how to help her get a proper boyfriend by the end of summer.


The romantic part was really good and the title really drew me in.


I didn’t really like the plot and the book didn’t really appeal to me.

Bookaholic – Still reading 🙂

Choose Your Own Ever After: A Hot Cold Summer


TITLE: Choose Your Own Ever After: A Hot Cold Summer

AUTHOR: Nova Weetman

GENRE/TYPE: Choose Your Own Story/romance




It’s the last day of school and Frankie Jones is looking at a long boring summer by herself. But then…

1. She gets a surprise chance to go to London.  She really wants to go but it means she will see her old boyfriend who didn’t bother to stay in touch since they last met.

2. Her dad invites her on a beach holiday. But when she discovers her dad’s new girlfriend and her daughter Ellie are also coming on their trip, Frankie’s not sure how she feels. Will she get to spend any time with her dad at all? Or will she be expected to hang out with Ellie, her new best frenemy?


I liked being able to choose different decisions of the character and the plot was pretty strong.


I thought that some of the endings were a bit unrealistic and there were some boring parts in the book.

Bookaholic – Still reading 🙂