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Title: Nerve

Author: Jeanne Ryan

Genre/Type: Adventure, love

Age Rating: 12+

Book Rating: 3/5


Nerve tells the story of a girl named Vee who chooses to be a player in a dangerous game of dares and money. The game takes a twisted turn when her and five other players are directed to a secret location for loads of prizes.  Suddenly they’re playing for everything or nothing, with their lives on the line.


It was very interesting and that was partly  why I enjoyed it. Also, I loved the intensity of the middle section of the book. It was extremely entertaining.


I’m sorry but the movie does sound a lot better. (I haven’t watched it so I can’t say anything). Also, if it was meant to be a single book why wasn’t the ending more closed in. I didn’t really like the ending.

Bookaholic – Still reading🙂


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