Choose Your Own Ever After: A Hot Cold Summer


TITLE: Choose Your Own Ever After: A Hot Cold Summer

AUTHOR: Nova Weetman

GENRE/TYPE: Choose Your Own Story/romance




It’s the last day of school and Frankie Jones is looking at a long boring summer by herself. But then…

1. She gets a surprise chance to go to London.  She really wants to go but it means she will see her old boyfriend who didn’t bother to stay in touch since they last met.

2. Her dad invites her on a beach holiday. But when she discovers her dad’s new girlfriend and her daughter Ellie are also coming on their trip, Frankie’s not sure how she feels. Will she get to spend any time with her dad at all? Or will she be expected to hang out with Ellie, her new best frenemy?


I liked being able to choose different decisions of the character and the plot was pretty strong.


I thought that some of the endings were a bit unrealistic and there were some boring parts in the book.

Bookaholic – Still reading 🙂



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